House to Home

(It was a poem in middle school which first introduced me to the concept of house versus home. I found it so captivating that I immediately started analogising my own house/home with it. Cut to class X, life came a full circle when I wrote this poem. The simplicity of this poem kind of embarrassed me initially but recently my friend read it and loved it and soon enough I found myself re-loving it. That poem taught me that the people in a house makes it a home. This poem taught me that the kind of relationship among family members, not one of ownership and subservience but one of care, love and independence leads to the creation of a truer sense of ‘home’.)

I live in a house

Half wood half glass

Amongst misty mornings

And twilit nights,

And though i have adorned it with

Memories and people loved,

And strewn it with my work

Up till the last corner,

I still find it hard to call mine

Even when its deed is in my honour.

Then one day

Amidst my work

I found the perfect solution!

And hopped in my coat

And jumped into my shoes

And zoomed to the nearby grocer

Of pets, of course! of all varieties

Which elated my spirits so high

That I picked up a bird unknown

And ran the return journey barefoot, Oh my!

I put it in its cage

Perched on the very top

And christened it Evangeline,

Pampering it as a new mother does

With food and drinks and lots of love.

And day in and day out

I came in and went,

Glimpses of her

Being my first and the end.

But soon I realised:

Her eyes were downcast,

And her head hung low,

With the feathers ruffled

She looked like a mourner down below.

The truth left me paralysed.

I felt so ashamed.

Shock and grief came

All over again.

How devilish of me

To put her behind bars,

To expect love out of this act

When it gashes her like scars!

Down I had sunken

But something lifted me up once more,

And gave me the courage

To reverse the wrong that i had done;

So I threw open its cage

And undid the windows:

It stepped out cautiously first

And then it rose.

Like the rainbowed Snitch

It fluttered momentarily,

As if testing me, the mean!

I blinked to reassure both

And poof! it became the unseen.

That day

I forgot work.

Instead I cried

For reasons yet unknown,

Sprawled across the floor

My eyes fixed at nothingness

While the sun journeyed its course.

And when all the tears had dried up

And dawn had broken the night,

An angel came and spoke

And rescued me from my plight.

At first I saw her but rarely

Now she’s quite frequent,

She visits and feeds on the grains and water

Readied in her anticipation;

Along with her husband

And two little bundles of joy,

Who fill my loneliness

With their bedlam

And my empty heart

With their love

My still life

With froth and foam

And turn my house

Into a home.


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